Our company offers the qualified technical personnel as well as the equipment needed to satisfy strict research and NOM requirements for either foreign or domestic investigations.

3110 Spectrometer

An efficient burner system is essential for obtaining optimal performance.
100% Titanium burner heads feature that provides maximum corrosion resistance when analyzing any type of sample.

Perkin Elmer FIMS-100

The FIMS-100 is a compact, easy-to-operate atomic absorption spectrometers dedicated to the determination of mercury. Based on flow injection techniques.

The FIMS uses a high-performance single-beam optical system with a low pressure mercury lamp and solar-blind detector for maximum performance.

Gas Chromatograph Autosystem

For derminating organic compounds in water, solids, work environment, solvents and raw material, we employ a Perkin Elmer Gas Chromatograph Autosystem on a Tekmar Purge and Trap concentrator. This system may operate with several different detectors(ECD, FID & others) for a variety of compounds.

2100 DV ICP optical
emission spectrometer

A compact, bench-mounted, high-speed, full-wavelength-range CCD array-based ICP-OES system. The Optima 2100 DV ICP-OES uses a unique double-spectrometer optical system.

This design results in a high-speed, high light-throughput optical system offering
excellent resolution, all in a compact system.

The system includes complete dual-viewing optics under computer and software control. Any wavelength can be used in the radial, axial or mixed viewing modes in a single method. With the patented dual-view capabilities of the Optima 2100 DV system (U.S. Patent No. 5,483,337), viewing of the plasma is accomplished by computer control of a mirror located in the optical path and allows selection of axial or radial view and adjustment of the plasma viewing in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

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